Parent Engagement for A Sustainable Choice

The Millet Recipe Competition at Salwan Montessori School was a flavorful journey into the world of healthy eating. Parents showcased their culinary skills, focusing on millet-based recipes. Millets, hailed for their nutrition, took the spotlight, making the event educational and delicious.
Participants meticulously prepared and presented dishes like millet sweets – Millet kheer, Millet khichdi millet snacks – Poha, appe, etc. They explained the nutritional benefits of millets and emphasized their role in a balanced diet. Tasting session allowed everyone to savor these wholesome creations.
This competition not only promoted healthy eating habits but also fostered a sense of community, as parents and teachers bond over the joy of discovering the versatility of millets in the kitchen. It’s a deliciously informative event that encourages families to embrace millets in their daily meals.

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