The Salwan Education Trust has been involved in organizing Training Programmes since 1997 for its stakeholders. Teachers are provided with professional support for updating their pedagogical skills to render optimum benefit to the students. These programmes help in imparting core values to meet the following objectives:-

  • Appreciation for Diversity
  • Social Responsibility and Commitment
  • Holistic Development
  • Empowerment of Human Resource

Training sessions are held around the year and multiple opportunities are provided to the faculty and the students to participate in conferences and exchange programmes. Experts from various fields are invited and innovative pedagogies are shared to enhance the teaching learning process.

Morning Meditation: Empowering Teachers, Inspiring Classrooms!

Incorporating a 15-minute morning meditation into the daily routine not only benefits teachers individually but also have a ripple effect on the overall classroom dynamics, creating a more conducive and positive learning atmosphere for both educators and students alike. The teachers at SMS start the day with a brief morning meditation. It has turned to a powerful ritual for teachers, setting a positive tone for the day ahead and fostering a calm and focused environment in the classroom. Morning meditation contributes to emotional resilience by creating a space for self-reflection and emotional regulation. Teachers are better equipped to navigate the ups and downs of the school day with a sense of inner balance. The positive energy cultivated through meditation creates a more supportive and empathetic classroom environment. This transformative experience equips teachers with invaluable skills that can be integrated into their daily lives, promoting a harmonious classroom environment, improved focus, and a compassionate approach to both teaching and learning.

Emotional Well Being of Teachers & Strategies for Managing Low attention Span in Children

“A teacher’s emotional well-being directly impacts the quality of education provided. Nurturing oneself emotionally is vital to nurturing young minds effectively.”


The workshop on the emotional wellbeing of teachers and strategies for managing low attention span in children was held on Friday 17th November 2023 on Teams for the entire Pre-primary team of Salwan Schools. The primary objective of the workshop was to equip educators with practical tools and techniques to enhance their emotional resilience and address challenges related to low attention span in students. The session dealt with an understanding of the deeper meaning of Emotional wellbeing and how poor emotional health can badly affect a teacher’s performance and life state. She also taught the participants mindfulness and relaxation techniques to instantly ease out the mind. Strategies for Enhancing Attention Span in the Classroom.

The second session was on the topic Low attention span of the students and its cause, effect, and solutions to control the situation. She gave some practical tips and techniques like breakdown tasks, focus on a single task at a time, build structured routines and schedules, combine learning with physical activities, boost brain power games and many more, which can be easily adopted in pre-primary classes to attain higher concentration span of the children. Also, topics like how a teacher support improved concentration can, what to do with inattentive students and how classroom strategies be modified to deal with children with low attention span were discussed in detail.

Work-Life Balance

Having balance between work and home life can be a challenge. Balancing a career with home life provides benefits in each environment. One become healthier, mentally and physically, and will increase productivity, career wise. With improved Work-Life Balance one will be managing time better; will be working less and producing more. The work life balance workshop was organised for the school staff on 15th September 2023 and was conducted by Ms. Riya Choudhary (Psychologist) to show  how to focus on the important things, set accurate and achievable goals, and communicate better with everyone at work, and  family at home. She very well explained about the explain the benefits of work life balance, How to recognize the signs of an unbalanced life, How to Identify employer resources for a balanced lifestyle, How to Improve time management and goal setting, Use the most effective work methods for you , Create balance at work and at home and Manage stress.

Mindfulness Art Workshop

“Exploring Inner Peace: A Mindfulness Art Workshop” was  organised for staff on 11th September, 2023 by Ms. Banpreet Kaur (Mindfulness based therapist ) . Art therapy combines the creative process of making art with psychological techniques to promote self-expression, healing, and self-awareness. Mindfulness, on the other hand, involves being present in the moment, observing thoughts and feelings without judgment. Together, they create a powerful tool for self-discovery and emotional well-being.

Empowering School Leaders: POISE Program at Salwan Education Trust

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Daaji, a Padma Bhushan Awardee and pioneer of Heartfulness Meditation: hosting Heartfulness Programme for Salwan Team at Andhra Pradesh. From August 12 to 15, 2023, Salwan Education Trust organized a three-day residential leadership program at Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad. This spiritual retreat center facilitated various sessions, including Heartfulness meditation, leadership development, and mindfulness practices. Participants engaged with Daaji, the Heartfulness Guide, discussing strategies to improve students’ well-being, reduce screen time, and instill values like gratitude and self-discipline. The program also explored the Heartful Sequential Engagement Approach, ethical education, and nonviolent communication techniques. It was a transformative experience that equipped school leaders with tools to create a positive impact on students’ lives.

As part of future plans, the school aims to integrate meditation into the daily routine of the students as well and implement the Brighter Minds program for cognitive growth, enhance the school’s greenery, and explore solar panel installation. This program marks a significant step in Salwan Education Trust’s commitment to holistic education.


Yoga Workshop



Yoga has the power to reconstruct a person completely.’ Yoga is an age-old art but is relevant in present times more than ever before. The wellness of teachers has been linked to the effectiveness of teaching, which has a positive impact on the achievement of students. So, in an endeavour to help teachers to relax, rejuvenate and explore their ability to control their responses to stressful situations, a yoga session was organised in Salwan Montessori School on Tuesday, 16th May 2023. The session was conducted under the guidance of the trained Yoga Masters Mr. Sanju Yaduvanshi and Mr. Deepak from Suptyog stretching Fitness Centre. Mr. Sanju taught various breathing and stretching exercises for strengthening muscles, improving blood circulation, making lungs more efficient, and relaxing the mind. He demonstrated the correct standing and sitting positions, correct postures of neck, back, legs, shoulders etc. to cure various diseases like diabetes, sciatica, obesity and many more. He also displayed several easy stretching techniques while sitting on chair for developing more strength and flexibility. It was a wonderful session that aimed at highlighting how practising yoga and stretching exercises in school can help boost mental and emotional well-being of students as well as teachers.

Emotional Well-Being Workshop

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, teachers play a vital role in shaping the minds and lives of their students. However, the demanding nature of their profession can often lead to stress, burnout, and neglect of their own emotional well-being. Recognizing the crucial need to support teachers in maintaining their mental and emhool organized an online workshop “Emotional Well-being” on Tuesday, 16th May, to address these challenges. A renowned Mental Health Clinician Ms. Sapna Bassi residing in British Columbia, Canada, provided teachers, the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to prioritize their emotional well-being, so they could encourage and support their students’ emotional development and success, leading to a healthier and more productive educational environment.

Intrapersonal Wellbeing And Wellness Workshop For Teachers


The word intrapersonal defines such practical inner skills that no one can take from us. Such inner skills are proven success skills that also guarantee our productivity and mental wellness at the same time. To understand more about Intrapersonal wellbeing and wellness, workshop was conducted by Salwan Montessori School on May 19th, 2023 by speaker Ms. Asmita Gaur from Netherlands, a renowned psychologist. She very well explained the topic and engaged audience with various activities. She also explained about different techniques which one can use to create healthier intrapersonal communication, including visualization techniques, getting in the habit of monitoring your thoughts regularly, and working to shift your perspective.

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