The Salwan Education Trust has been involved in organizing Training Programmes since 1997 for its stakeholders. Teachers are provided with professional support for updating their pedagogical skills to render optimum benefit to the students. These programmes help in imparting core values to meet the following objectives:-

  • Appreciation for Diversity
  • Social Responsibility and Commitment
  • Holistic Development
  • Empowerment of Human Resource

Training sessions are held around the year and multiple opportunities are provided to the faculty and the students to participate in conferences and exchange programmes. Experts from various fields are invited and innovative pedagogies are shared to enhance the teaching learning process.

CPD Session on Blended Learning

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow” 
– John Dewy

As rightly stated by John Dewy, there is a need to bring change in the teaching learning process which introduces the concept of Blended Learning. It is an approach that combines face- to- face and online learning experiences. Ideally, each (online and offline) should complement the other by using its particular strengths.

In order to include the Blended learning approach in an effective way, the facilitators attended the CPD sessions by Mr. Harwant Singh (External Resource Person) who explained the same through a beautiful video of a boy Austin. The video showcased the importance of blended learning and the need of the hour. He emphasized the need of self-reflection after every activity which leads to effectiveness in the work done the next time. The facilitators enjoyed the sessions as Mr. Harwinder Singh used a lot of energizers which were helpful in keeping the interest of the learner.

Highlights of the sessions were Brain Gym activities like Finger pushups and reciting rhyme in very innovative way. He also stressed on narrating stories in an interactive way by involving the learners.

CPD Session on Happiness and Mental Wellness

“Mental Health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive and not where you are going”.

In today’s scenario, the mental health of the people has become a matter of concern. Every person is dealing with a lot of stress and is finding it difficult to cope with it. In an endeavor to provide a stress-free environment, a workshop on the Importance of Self-care and Mental Health was conducted for the teachers. The resource persons urged the teachers to share their personal experiences of the pandemic and how it has changed them and their outlook towards life. A lot of interaction took care of sensitive topics like accepting situations, self-pride, and training of the mind.

The resource person emphasized that when we discuss mental health issues, we can actually teach ourselves to harness the concerns in ways that play to our strengths.

The workshop was concluded with the thought that the only journey which should be given importance is the journey within.

Story Telling Workshop

The pre-primary sessions were held to highlight the oldest form of teaching i.e. storytelling. It bonded the early human communities, giving children the answers to the biggest questions of creation and life. When a story is being told, it usually has an underlying message or lesson that the speaker is trying to convey to its audience. The topics for the same were as follows:-

Importance of storytelling
Elements of storytelling
Techniques of storytelling
Objectives of storytelling
Impact of props and ambience on storytelling
Integrating stories across  all domains

Reading Workshop

“Reading is the gateway for children that makes all other learning possible”

Salwan Montessori School organized a Reading Workshop for parents on “Reading Really Matters”. Reading helps in developing many skills in a child, like- creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, vocabulary, attention span, communication and stronger analytical thinking. Various interesting, innovative techniques and effective activities like- just the facts, read-a-thon, family stories, different ways to read, take letters outside, fun with letters, through which parents can rouse love for books among children were shared. Parents found the workshop very productive, motivating and helpful.

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