Parent Interface


Parental involvement is a crucial component of a child’s education and overall development. When parents actively engage in their child’s learning journey, it not only enhances academic performance but also contributes significantly to their social and emotional well-being. To foster a stronger parent-school partnership, educational institutions are increasingly organizing workshops designed to empower parents with knowledge, skills, and strategies to support their children’s growth and development. Workshops offer parents valuable information about various aspects of their child’s education, including curriculum, standardized testing, and available resources. As schools and parents continue to collaborate through workshops, the impact on student success, behavior, and emotional well-being becomes increasingly evident. It is through this shared commitment to a child’s growth that the foundation for a brighter future is laid, benefiting both the child and the larger community.

Phonetics Workshop

‘Reading is the gateway skill that makes all the other learnings possible’-Barak Obama

 Learning to read and write is the most important skill a child acquires at the young age. And phonetics lays the foundation for this skill of reading and writing. To work in collaboration with the parents and to make them an integral part of their child’s learning journey Salwan Montessori School, organised a Phonetics workshop on 19th August 2023. The motive behind the workshop was to bridge the gaps between the parents and the classroom teaching strategies. The parents attended the workshop with lot of enthusiasm as they were very keen to learn the new skills and clear their doubts which would benefit them in teaching their children and to be an active part of their learnings. The workshop was very successful and highly appreciated by all.

Developing Positive Relation with Your Child 

Parents in today’s society are supposedly under constant pressure to do everything “perfectly”—a quest for perfection that probably makes parenting feel challenging. Therefore, it is essential that parents take part in parenting programmes designed to give them more control. To help new parents in this endeavor, Salwan Montessori School organized a parenting workshop for them. The workshop gave them insights on fantastic positive parenting techniques and apprised them about strategies for handling difficult behaviours and tantrums. Parents were very satisfied and happy to learn about new approaches to handle their bundle of joy empathetically.

Reading Workshop

A Reading Workshop for parents was conducted by the Salwan Montessori School as a vital initiative to foster early literacy development. This collaborative effort aims to empower parents with the tools and knowledge needed to support their child’s reading journey. During the workshop, teachers provide insights into the importance of early reading, and its  benefits. They also guided parents on selecting age-appropriate books, reading techniques, and creating a reading-friendly environment at home to make the process enjoyable.Parents attended the workshop with a lot of enthusiasm as they found the workshop informative  and enlightening.

Managing Childhood Behavioural Issues

A workshop on Managing Childhood Behavioural Issues was organised by Salwan Montessori School for parents. The workshop played an important role in reinforcing the parent’s perception in general.  Our speaker Ms Harshpreet Kaur who is RCI Licensed Rehabilitation psychologist and ABA therapist from Dubai made the session very interactive and helped parents to deep dive into challenging behaviours of children that impact the daily routines and activities of family life. She focused on real-life routines, examine why behaviours occur and persist, and helped in developing practical solutions that will increase the quality of life of children and family. She introduced simple and effective strategies that promotes desired behaviours.  The session received positive feedback from the attendees.