Earth Day

In our endeavor to spread awareness about conserving Earth and to commemorate our benevolent Mother Earth, Salwan Montessori School celebrated ‘Earth Day’ on Monday, 22nd April 2024.

The day started with a special assembly, where the children presented a Nukkad Natak and shouted out the slogans to spread the message of ‘Save Environment, Save Earth’. The enthusiastic dance performances by the children conveyed a strong message about the little things we can do to take care of our Earth like- reduce the use of plastic, reusing old items and recycling waste stuff. A tree plantation activity was also scheduled in which parents, children teachers, and support staff took part in the ‘Go- Green initiative’ by planting a sapling. Also, our little Salwanians made a beautiful ‘Save Earth’ badge to mark the occasion.

The children enthusiastically participated in various activities. Each one of them took a pledge to save Mother Earth by doing simple doable actions.

It was a great day to showcase environmental education and highlight the efforts to save our resources.


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