Musical Therapy Session

“We have the rhythm, sur and taal in the name itself.”

To provide children opportunities for self-expression and communication a Musical Therapy Session was organized at Salwan Montessori School on Thursday, 3rd November during the working hours, which kids enjoyed with full  zeal and enthusiasm.
It has been seen that promoting movement and activity in young children can help increase memory, perception, language, attention, emotion and even decision making. When language is combined with movement, learning increases by 90 percent.
Aside from the individual benefits already highlighted, when children move around to a soundtrack, they benefit from improving their hand-eye coordination, concentration, balance, and cognitive skills also.
And, seeing the energy and joyfullness in our little Salwanians after attending the session, we all can attest to the power of music and using it to teach, calm and encourage our young learners.


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