Yoga Session for Staff Members

Yoga has the power to reconstruct a person completely.’ Yoga is an age-old art but is relevant in present times more than ever before. The wellness of teachers has been linked to the effectiveness of teaching, which has a positive impact on the achievement of students. So, in an endeavour to help teachers to relax, rejuvenate and explore their ability to control their responses to stressful situations, a yoga session was organised in Salwan Montessori School on Tuesday, 16th May 2023. The session was conducted under the guidance of the trained Yoga Masters Mr. Sanju Yaduvanshi and Mr. Deepak from Suptyog stretching Fitness Centre. Mr. Sanju taught various breathing and stretching exercises for strengthening muscles, improving blood circulation, making lungs more efficient, and relaxing the mind. He demonstrated the correct standing and sitting positions, correct postures of neck, back, legs, shoulders etc. to cure various diseases like diabetes, sciatica, obesity and many more. He also displayed several easy stretching techniques while sitting on chair for developing more strength and flexibility.It was a wonderful session that aimed at highlighting how practising yoga and stretching exercises in school can help boost mental and emotional well-being of students as well as teachers.



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