World Heritage Week

India’s heritage is a gift to the world When we are proud of our heritage,the world takes note of it. Every year on the 18th of April, the world commemorates World Heritage Day, to raise awareness about our diverse cultural heritage and the value of protecting our ancient legacy. To raise awareness about our culture and heritage among our young Salwanians, we at Salwan Montessori School celebrated the World Heritage Week. Children were shown virtual tour of Red-fort and Qutub Minar. Each class adopted a state of India and showcased its culture, language, food etc. Children did beautiful art work and came dressed up in colourful costumes of their chosen state. Tiny-tots enjoyed all the activities done during the week and were looking absolutely adorable in their colourful attires. Let us celebrate this day by solemnly pleading to preserve & protect the legacy of our heritage and culture. Let us get inspired by our heritage for achieving climate goals! Our Heritage is our identity!
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