Parent Interface Programmes

Rightly said, ‘It is always better together’. The most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of the parents.

Parent’s involvement help in building altogether a strong bond between the child and the parent as well as the parent and the teacher which ultimately help in thinking of some constructive ways of child’s education and making a strong foundation for the child.

Understanding the importance of parent’s involvement in the child’s education in mind, we at Salwan Montessori School aim to keep the parents actively involved in the programs and other events organised in the class rooms and the school.

Various events are conducted twice a month like Healthy Cooking Competition, Fashion Show, Hasya Divas, Mothers Day, Grandparents Day or Father’s Day etc frequently in which parents are invited to be a part of and spend time with their children enjoying their performances and also give their contribution. It also helps parent to re-live their childhood and to understand their children from the perspective of a child.

  • Parenting workshops are conducted to guide and help parents to improve upon their parenting skills and understand their children in a better way.
  • Parents are also involved in the mission ‘Safety Walk’. Few parents are chosen to be a part of safety committee to come and inspect the school premises with the school staff and work together to eradicate any loop holes and make school environment safe and secure.
  • At the end of the year a grand carnival is organised where both parents and children come together and spend their time playing games, enjoying dances, relishing food etc. All this helps them making beautiful memories together and rejoicing the time.
  • Parents are invited to the school to conduct any activity of their choice in their child’s classroom.
  • Parents who are into various professions like cyber security, doctor, dentist etc are invited to give a talk to the children on various related topics.
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Workshops
  • Play Dates
  • Art Integration
  • Reading
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