No Bag Day – Theme of Barbie

Salwan Montessori School joyfully celebrated “*No Bag Day*” with a delightful twist, embracing the enchanting theme of Barbie. The school brimmed with beautiful Pink colour as girls donned their Pink Party frocks, while boys sported dapper Pink shirts.
Adding a touch of nostalgia and charm, girls brought along their cherished Barbie dolls, while boys proudly carried miniature cars. Our school echoed with laughter and merriment as children danced to catchy Barbie tunes, expressing their inner superstars. A captivating puppet show starring Barbie dolls enthralled our little audience.
In the spirit of creativity, children engaged in Barbie-themed crafts, fostering artistic expression and teamwork. “No Bag Day” transformed into a day of fun, imagination, and camaraderie, leaving lasting memories for our young adventurers.

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