Health week celebrations in schools are a great way to teach young children about the importance of healthy habits and healthy living. We at, Salwan Montessori School celebrated health week from 24th April to 28th April. During the health week celebration, children were encouraged to bring an apple a day to keep the doctor away. This was a great way to promote healthy snacking habits and to teach children that eating fruits can be both tasty and good for their health. The teachers gave a talk on healthy and unhealthy food, highlighting the importance of eating a balanced diet and the benefits of incorporating nutritious foods into our meals.
To reinforce the importance of eating fruits, a craft activity of making apples was organized. A group activity was also conducted where the children made happy and sad teeth by pasting pictures of healthy and unhealthy food on them. This fun activity helped the children understand the impact of food on their teeth and overall health.
As part of the health week celebration, a dental workshop was also organized. This was a great opportunity for the children to learn about oral hygiene and how to take care of their teeth. The health week celebration also included a physical activity session where the children did exercises and played games to promote fitness and healthy habits. They were taught about the benefits of regular exercise and how it can help them stay healthy and active.
Overall, the health week celebration was a great success. Children were taught about healthy eating, dental hygiene, physical activity, and overall wellness in a fun and interactive way. This health week celebration played a significant role in the exceptional endeavour of our school to encourage healthy habits in children from a young age.

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