Socio Emotional Development Programme

Education is a medium of wholesome growth. The role of a school is not only to impart knowledge but to go beyond the class rooms to build character and value system which can withstand the challenges of life. At Salwan Montessori school, we believe in catching the children young and instilling life skills to make them grow as empathetic and passionate individuals. To instil life skills, a lot of activities like dramatisation, storytelling, rhyming, group games and puppetry are done in the school.

A specially designed Puppet Theatre has been made and is used extensively by the teachers and the children. It is extensively used for story dramatization, enactment and role plays. It helps in instilling the right values in the early years. Children retell the stories, think of different endings, gradually creating their own stories stimulating their vocabulary, creativity and imagination. Children learn to label their emotions, thus learning how to balance their emotions.