ME Programme

navtika The theory of Multiple Intelligences claims that there is genius in every child. Every child can become an expert in one field or another. The challenge is to identify the child’s strengths, interest and capabilities. Considering the importance of cultivating each one’s unique talents, we at Salwan Montessori School have started the ME Programme. Each child is exposed to an array of enriching activities so that they are able to identify their strengths and also have positive learning experiences. This will ultimately develop the capability to identify new solutions to existing problems in real life. Thus, a resource room with various centres has been developed to help children identify their strengths. These are:


  • Literacy centre
  • Manipulative centre
  • Music Centre
  • Dramatic play and Puppet centre
  • Kitchen corner
  • Multimedia Centre
  • Block and Puzzle centre
  • Math Centre
  • Science Centre