Q1. What is the procedure for transfer to higher classes after Class I?
Ans: Children are automatically transferred to class II of the main school (Salwan Public School, Sector-15 (II), Gurgaon). There are no additional charges.

Q2. What is the teacher student ratio?
Ans. The teacher student ratio is 1:25.

Q3. How and when can we meet the teacher?
Ans. Parent Teacher Meetings are held regularly. Teachers can be contacted on the telephone on all working days after 1:00pm.

Q4. Does the school provide transport to the children?
Ans. Yes, the school has its own transport. The bus routes cover all the areas of Gurgaon.

Q5. How safe is the school transport?
Ans. Each bus has an attendant to take care of the children. All the drivers are well trained. Every bus has a fire extinguisher and first aid box in it. Apart from all this, all the children availing the transport are fully insured by the school.

Q6. What method of teaching is followed?
Ans. We follow the integrated thematic approach, where a theme is followed every month and all the teaching learning process is based on the theme. A lot of stress is laid in hands on experience.

Q7. What can I do at home for my child?
Ans. Here are some enriching tips for an enjoyable experience with your child:

Read to your child daily.
Well-designed educational toys and puzzles are easily available in most toyshops that are helpful in reinforcing concepts presented at school.
'Plan the day' activities are especially designed for the children to do with the parents, to enhance the child’s creativity, awareness and parental involvement.
Conversing with children in English helps in increasing vocabulary.
Give crayons, pencil and paper for free expression of ideas and imagination.