John Dewey
Education world India Preschool Rankings 2017-18

Salwan Montessori School, Gurgaon has brought laurels to the ever growing umbrella of Salwan Education Trust.The school has climbed up the ladder of success by bagging rank Seven in the Education World India preschool rankings 2017-2018.

Digital Learning Preschool Ranking 2017-2018

“India’s Top Preschool Ranking” generates public awareness and enhances knowledge about the preschool segment. Our school received the Top Preschool Award on 24 February 2017 given by the Digital Learning Preschool ranking 2017-2018. The school has been claimed to offer students the highest quality academic and personal education through an innovative child-centric curriculum.

Compassion Drive We rise by lifting others!
Robert Ingersoll

Salwan Montessori school, Gurugram adopted a school “Gayatri Vidyapeeth” in the year 2013. A plan has been devised to consistently work towards the betterment of the society. Under this plan, the school instills beautiful value of compassion in the young ones. A committee is formed which keeps a record of the needs of stationery and other basic needs. Working in the same tandem, the staff and students of the school collected winter clothes at the onset of winter and distributed them to the needy children of the adopted school. This is a testimony to the fact that sharing is caring. Apart from bringing a smile on the faces of the underprivileged children, our young ones imbibed a deep sense of gratitude and empathy.

Nathupur The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
Oscar Wilde

Joy of giving is not about charity, it's about sharing our resources with the ones who need it more. The school donated swings and slides to the children of Nathupur, Delhi. The proverb, Little pleasures are my treasures, came true when the children’s faces shone with joy and delight on having owned the equipment in their own premises.